For many years it’s been the go-to tool for recruiters and companies looking to hire talent, and at the moment, it still is. They’ve essentially killed the resume and put it online, amassing a large network of professionals, and built an impressive living database for recruiters to source from. However, I’m worried about their long-term future and the fact that too many recruiting teams are overly dependent on it.

Through our in depth research and headhunting, Collingwood have had great success in unearthing 'hidden talent' and the 'inactive' job market over the years, long before the days on LinkedIn. 

How many 'inactive' job searchers are regularly on LinkedIn? Is LinkedIn just full of 'active' job searchers linking to anyone and everyone? 

In my opinion, LinkedIn is a great tool for initial top line research in to target companies, the local area and relevant job titles, but how much more value does it give over this?