After attending the Northern Powerhouse conference last week. I thought I would put down a few words with regards to my experience. 

Being from the North West and actively involved in the transport and infrastructure sector. The Northern Powerhouse is obviously something I am championing. However, I do think some points need addressing. 

In my opinion to much thought is being wasted on links to the South East. Surely the whole point of a Powerhouse in the North is to alleviate the need and reliance  of the southern business centres. 

I suggest we focus on linking and building the economies of the North. As well as selling the fantastic environment the North offers from a lifestyle perspective. 

I know many of the decisions and much of the thinking evolves around money and growth. But I feel in todays market people are more and more concerned about what impact their location has on their day to days lives, their family, their social wellbeing.  This is something the North excels in and is a huge asset to the region. I however feel, it is not being marketed to its greatest potential. 

I look forwarding to hearing your thoughts and comments (both for and against)