Having worked for a provider of health and social care services for adults with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and dementia, I understand the pressures of selecting and recruiting the right people, with the right skills to deliver high standards of quality care, and with robust practices and clearly defined performance standards in place it is very effective.   

It is critical to have employees that actively demonstrate the values and behaviours essential for these specialist roles - who are led and performance managed effectively. 

It is well researched that where employers recognise, value, and engage with employees, performance and service improves.  It is critical, for the protection and safeguarding of individuals with disabilities, that care programmes are bespoke; provided by the right people with the right skills, in an environment that treats people with respect and dignity. 

It is also important that there is appropriate well-being practices in place to support employees in these challenging roles (who may also be experiencing stresses at home) - before they derail.