So Google recently conducted research into its own recruitment process to see how many interviews it takes for it to find the right candidate to recruit. Its recruitment process is legend in the world of recruitment as it takes candidates through a 12 stage interview process. It is said that it is harder to succeed in securing a job at Google than it is getting into Harvard! Google has a never ending queue of people who would love to work for it and so there is no shortage of talent to put through its "belt and braces" process.

The question it asked itself focused on when did it actually knows that it had identified the right candidate and should make a job offer.

A 12 stage recruitment process has many ramifications and most are negative for both the employer and its employer brand.

1. Time is valuable

12 interviews is going to require a lot of manpower to conduct them. This takes your leaders away from the business and if they don't need to be then the impact on it will be negative.

Consider the time your candidates are taking out of their normal days too. They may desperately want to work for you but 12 interviews is also likely to have a negative impact on them and their energy to join you.

 2. Too many cooks spoil the broth

I recently had a client who included around 16 people in their process to recruit a senior leader for the business. The question is who will make the decision? Surely 16 different opinions is ineffective and could result in the wrong decision being made. Furthermore, think of the candidate's engagement in your employer brand. Don't give them interview lethargy.

3. Missing out to your competition

Do you really want to give your competition a chance of stealing your talent because they have a slicker and more productive recruitment process than you? The war is their to be won and the quickest usually does.

4. Impact of a vacancy remaining open

It is fine to take months to find the right person for your business but all the while your employees are having to work harder and make sacrifices to fill the gap.

So Google concluded that they could make a good decision after 4 interviews, 8 less than they have being doing!!

All in all please ensure that your recruitment process is effective, slick and that candidates will enjoy it.